Monday, January 7, 2013

Children's Discovery Museum Adventure!

Happy New Yeah! :>

To kickstart the new year, we took a trip with our friends to the Children's Discovery Museum down south in San Jose. It was great— all of our school/swim friends came along and it was a great way to start the new year with new friends.

Nui Nui and her friends had fun. We didn't get to do everything, namely the tape tunnel, but all-in-all it was a success... kids and mommas both were pooped. This is definitely one of those times/activities where the word 'gym' is so laughable :>

Some of us headed out to Macaroni Grill after to refuel, which was a great time. Seriously, food tastes so much better when it's fully deserved :> lmfao.

I took about 60 pics and various footage which I have still yet to get to. Here are some of my favorites of the day— many 1000s of words plus some... :>

If only I had a good camera...

Tall and strong.

Feminine and Strong.

Through the looking glass.

Little people dinner party.

Running with balls in a tunnel?... lmfao.

Learning centrifuge?

I know you! :>

Me.. somewhere there.. :>

Me again! :>



Mad scientist.


For the love of water.


For the love of water (part 2).

Done with the cardboard box village. Tired. Hungry. Indicating wanting to go via the exit.

Who let the dog out?

The Hood.

Talk of breeding seals, non-early meals, profile parties, and more to come! :>

What kind of workout did you do this weekend? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>

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  1. Aww it was a great time!! We will have to go together again soon :)

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!!


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