Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Year X-Country Anniversary

Mom reminded me tonight that we have something to celebrate: It is our one year anniversary since we've arrived. We survived one year in California.

My goodness, I thought. She's right. How could I forget? ...well, my nausea and eyes make it easy but still. :> My. One year.

My reaction: A lot has happened in this past year. Nui Nui was only four months when we got here. She could barely sit up by herself, barely hold up her head. She was so little.

I remember our trip and first night here. I was worried about how Nui Nui's feeding and sleep schedule would handle the ride over. She ended sleeping a bit on the airplane and was still awake when we got here late at night, which, in east coast time, was pretty late. The first night or two was rough. Somehow, she knew we weren't home. She had trouble sleeping. Her crib [or any of our things for that matter] hadn't yet arrived so she slept with me— a good thing for a strange place, I think. Good thing she wasn't rolling all over the place like she is these days :>

We had hardly anything in this place. A mattress, folding table, and two chairs.

I remember interviewing when the POD finally arrived and we were still sky high in boxes. I didn't know if I'd even have clothes to wear to the interview.

One year later, I'm gainfully employed, Nui Nui is strong and in school and we have a great group of friends. My o my. How time flies. Is this it? I wonder. I must say, even after a year, I still feel like this is temporary, like this isn't really really home. I miss east coast... but hearing about their 12degF weather makes me shutter at the same time :>

No matter. Wherever Nui Nui and Mom are, I'll always feel like I'm home :> #lovetopieces

Where is home for you? Comment below, we'd love to hear :>

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  1. Happy 1 year anniversary!! So happy that you are here! Cause now I have a new friend, and so does lil m :)


    when you are feeling better we should celebrate :)


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