Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Urban Sprawl

Omg. She's developing like mad. I know, I know, I sound like a broken record— I imagine this is part of what trains you for those teenage years :>

Yesterday, when I was strapping Nui Nui into her carseat to take her home from school, she was quiet and all of a sudden looked at me and said, 'Home'. Home! Yes, home! She knew we were going home and/or wanted to. It's so freaking amazing to be able to actually communicate with her. Or, rather, her communicate with us.

On our way home, she pointed out, like she did last week, 'M'. She was pointing at the Golden Arches of McDonalds. So maybe it's not so bad after all :>

Also on our way home... 'Airplane'. Yes. It's cool to have her sit forward-facing&Mdash; she can see so much more. And looking out the window, she wants to identify things. 'Airplane'. 'Tree'...

Tonight... our typical night routine is that we go into our room. I turn off the light and she walks to me in the dark to my bed. I feed her some milk. She drinks some. She points and says 'clock'. She drinks some more, maybe points out the clock again, one or time more times. She drinks, er, sips. Then looks up at me and says 'bed'. I take her to bed etc...

Sometimes, she drops her blanket when walking to my bed in the dark. I usually pick it up because she insists she has it. Today I didn't and she allowed it. Mid-sipping though she stops and says 'buuh kiii'. To me, it sounded like 'brush teeth', so I keep asking her if she wants to brush teeth— she likes to because she gets to play with the water in the sink. But she didn't grunt her yes, like she normally does. Finally (finally) I figured out she was asking for her blanket. 'O, you want your blanket?' Grunt ('yes'). Once she got it, she said, 'bed'. :>

...still catching up on photos and footage... here she is from Sunday, ready to go out to lunch. I call it, Urban Sprawl Never Looked So Gorgeous. :>

What amazing things did the people in your life do lately? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>

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  1. AWWW M is growing up so quickly!! I am so amazed at how smart she is!! Looking forward to more playdates :) Maybe she'll teach Lil m some things :)



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