Monday, January 14, 2013

An Unexpected Trip To The Puh-Park!

We went to lunch with a dear old friend yesterday. Indian food. I haven't had indian food in a really long time. It was pretty good. The naan was good and the chicken wasn't dry. I guess I only wish they had more varieties of dal? ...or am I thinking Ethiopian food? Me and my love of dipping bread... :>

After we finished lunch, the weather turned for the warmer and, it being early despite my tiredness, I decided to take Nui Nui to a park we had passed by on the way to the restaurant. Parking was easy, it was on the way!, and kids were playing— it was a no brainer.

Nui Nui was quiet in the car. I asked her if she wanted to go the the p-park. (That's how I call it— Puh-Park— emphasizing the Puh to learn the letter P. :> It just stuck. :>) Nui Nui knows what the puh-park is and she knows what wheeee is, but when I said it I think she thought I was talking non-sense. Then, when I opened her door (and now that she's forward facing and can actually see things) she saw the puh-park and got so excited that she started saying Puh-park Puh-park!! herself. Not because she wanted to emphasize learning the Puh sound of P but because she was stuttering over the word in excitement.

It was hilarious and duly remembered. :> O, how much she loves the puh-park!

Beautiful sunny day, I share with you, and a beautiful girl, I dote :>

What fun did you have this weekend? Comment below, we'd love to hear :>

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  1. aww what a great day :) can't wait til m can walk so he can chase m around at the park :)


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