Sunday, August 17, 2014

Baby Steps Toward Co-Enjoying One Of My Favorite Meals

After a few times eating corn on the cob, Nui Nui is mastering how to eat it. She is eager to butter it with her small, special butter knife (one of those proper, bent ones— makes me think of the kind that the british would use to butter scones :>) and she even requests some parmesan cheese. She's also picking up the cob with her hands— before she would eat it with the cob still on the plate :>

I'm happy she's also taking up at least some of my taste in food because she's liking one of my favorite dishes— mom's rack of lamb. Tender and flavorful, she loves to share a rib bone :>

I'm working on her getting to share my love of french (string) beans with me :> xoxo

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