Sunday, January 3, 2016

I'm Not Pregnant Anymore [MOMLIFE]

'I'm gonna chomp you up!', said the alligator puppet slash toddler.

It's been a while since we hung out at Barnes, one of our old favorite places to hang out. We stopped coming here in the beginning of last year when I came down with severe morning sickness that lasted way too long and shook up our routine instantly. 

As we were driving there today, I suddenly had this thought about how weird it was that I was no longer pregnant. Three months postpartum, it feels like so long ago and driving now, not having to worry or be annoyed with using the seat belt and having a protruding belly with a human inside, felt somewhat freeing now that I have my body back, surreal that we're finally getting back into our routine from nearly a year ago with a new member of our squad who feels like has been with us all along, yet foreign that that human is no longer inside of me.

No matter how long they are out in this world, however, my kids will always be a part of me, inside my heart, always. xo

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