Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Last Morning Of Winter Break [MOMLIFE]

It was the last morning of winter break and sleeping in. I had been trying really hard ('really hard' :>) to get out of bed earlier after being scolded by my friend that I should be up earlier than I have been, and I finally did it. 

Now, normally, I wouldn't wake up Nui Nui on a weekend morning but since she was sleeping in for the previous several days, I figured I should get her up as practice in anticipation of an early morning the next day. 

So, I did what any mom with two kids would do: I had her sister wake her up :> jk. About the 'any mom' part :>

Below is the series of what went down, in photos. Even in her half-sleep state, she's still an amazing, loving big sister :> xo

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