Thursday, January 7, 2016

Turkey And Muenster On A Poppyseed Hard Roll [FOOD]

I went to our local supermarket to pick up a quick lunch, knowing they had a sandwich counter. I didn't realize how expensive it was though. (It's probably not really expensive but when you're unemployed, everything seems to be.)

So, instead, I picked up ingredients and saved myself the labor costs. I kept it really simple and without leftovers. And though it didn't have fixings, like lettuce and mayo (or cranberry sauce), it hit the spot.

So here's a quick tip when you're on a tight budget: head to the supermarket for lunch (if you didn't prepack one and bring it with you). Check out the deli meat counter and fresh bread section to make your own sandwich. And if you have a little more to spend, see if they have an olive bar-- you can get add-ons like roasted red peppers and marinated bocconcini (fresh mozzarella) that can really flavor up your handheld meal. xo

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