Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Present In The Moment, A Gift, Really [MOMLIFE]

There I was, sitting in Starbucks today, taking a break from job hunting while holding the baby as she stood on my lap. Baby doesn't really look at me when I hold her anymore. She's too curious looking to see what's around her, so her head is directed completely to one side or the other, if I'm holding her facing toward me. 

Today, she was looking completely right and when I looked to see what she was looking at it was the guy sitting next to me who had been working on his laptop alongside a woman who was working on hers. 

He was making smiley faces at her, saying hello, etc., which she gets often but not typically from an asian male. 

When I turned my head, he smiled and asked how old she was. I told him and he added that he, too, just had a baby. So I asked how old his was. He said 50 days. Now, I have bad hearing and thought I didn't hear him right. Fifty? Days? He's counting in days? Maybe he said 15 days. I just didn't think I heard right (or that he was serious) so I asked to make sure. And then he approximated it to about a month and half, so yes, he DID say 50 days.

But then he told me he hadn't seen his baby yet because his wife and baby were back in China-- a story that happens all too often.

It was heartbreaking. And it was just earlier that I was sitting there looking sadly at her outfit-- her 'coming home' outfit, size 2-4 months, the one I brought her home in-- thinking the outfit's days are numbered. Or, perhaps too small for her already but I'm too much in denial to admit it :>

They grow up too fast. How much she's changed since three 'measley' months ago. I cannot imagine (or don't want to) what it'd be like to have missed these precious moments. And, while for some it may be nothing, you could see it in his unexpectedly extended enamoration that he misses his child.

That moment, though frustrated with unemployment, was a much-needed slap in the face at how lucky and thankful I truly am. My children are my everything and, though I may not have a lot of things or get to travel hardly ever, I'm the richest mama in the world. xo

(I loved all angles :>)

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