Friday, January 8, 2016

Watching Movies, Pearl Harbor [MOMLIFE]

We had just watched Pearl Harbor.

Mom and I have been on a movie-watching kick and I love it. When Nui Nui was born, we used to watch Revenge together. Then, when we moved west, those evenings together ended.

Now, we've started up again, borrowing movies from the library. When I was in New York, I lived right across the street from the library and used to watch a lot of movies-- The Reader, Remember Me, An Education, to name a few.

What I love about this new, or revived, pastime is that we get to spend time together, relaxed, as the kids are asleep (well, I'm in the process of putting baby to sleep with her last feed but close enough), and getting the opportunity to escape and get lost in another world, even if just for a moment. When you don't travel, this kind of escape is a nice way to break the routine of the same old, day in and day out. Plus, it gives you more to talk about (not that we ever really run out of conversation) and things to learn about and sometimes analyze. 

So, anyway, as I mentioned, we just finished watching Pearl Harbor. We ran out of movies from the library, so mom suggested we watch it since she had a copy and I've never seen it.

She recounted the time she was back home, in the house alone, in the middle of a winter snowstorm. Knowing she'd be stuck at home, she watched the entire movie-- it's something like 3 hours long, broken into 2 DVDs. She said by the end of the movie, it had snowed a foot.

We've watched quite a number of true story/based on true story movies thus far, and I admit I've enjoyed them. I was even telling Mom that I think my taste in movies is changing-- she picked out most of what we've seen and I was open to whatever (except 12 Years A Slave-- that one was too much for me).

When the movie was over, my reaction to Pearl Harbor was this: back and forth and back and forth.
Mom's response: it's always good to have back up.

So funny. And this is what I love. Good times, good laughs. Together. xo

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