Saturday, January 9, 2016

Oball Classic Ball And Sophie The Giraffe! [TOYS]

Looking at this scene now, everything is a hand-me-down, except for the outfit, which was a 40%-off Black Friday steal from Target.

Love the Oball! Got this from a family friend, who had her first baby before me-- she knows what's down! The number one thing to remember when buying toys for baby's is that they're hands are SMALL. This ball's structure and flexible material is perfect for them to grasp and hold on to. 

Sophie the Giraffe was from my bff. She still has a little more growing to do but imagine she'll be chewing on it in no time :>

The other giraffe plays music and is a calmer-downer. The power of music. We didn't get this until Nui Nui was older but use it all the time with baby E.

The blanket rolls up into a sheep. We didn't use it much when Nui Nui got it-- I think I kept forgetting it was a blanket-- but it's awesome and a baby gift I'd definitely recommend. 

What're your favorite baby toys? Share in the Comments below, we'd love to check them out! xo

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