Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Red Pajamas! [MOM STYLE]

I finally got myself new pajamas... after about 20 years :> And they're amazing! 

I never really thought about pajamas as something to really buy or invest in. I mean, you find something cheap and comfortable and there you've got yourself a pair of pajamas.

But I finally caved after discovering an incredibly comfortable brand called Gilligan & O'Malley at Target. The fabric is SO soft. 

When I wore these for the first time last night, Nui Nui was excited to see them. Purely by coincidence, we were all wearing red bottoms-- her, me, and baby E. 

Nui Nui's reaction to my outfit: 'Mama, you look like a big raspberry! 
Me: Ooh, well, I am sweet!
Nui Nui: I'm gonna eat you up!

I took Nui Nui's hands and danced around with her, laughing that we were like sisters. It's simple moments like these that make me cherish being a mom and sharing fun and happy times together.

Motherhood is grand and what you make of it. And sleepwear will never be the same. I dream of becoming a professional pajama model :> xo

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