Friday, January 8, 2016

Play Doh Chef Supreme Play Kitchen Set! [TOYS]

My cousins. 

I had told our relatives in advance not to get the kids anything for the holidays. I know it was the so-called season of giving but I just hate the idea of burdening others. I also don't think kids need that many toys, if it is assumed everyone is to get them something, especially if you have a lot of relatives nearby. Kids can easily get overwhelmed and underappreciate everything they are given.

Beside the point, my cousins got this huge Play Doh play set for Nui Nui, which she got just a couple of days ago and she's played with it every day since. Loves Play Doh. LOVES it. I think it's sort of therapeutic for her and now she gets to be even more creative with it with all these cooking tools. She's made me ice cream, hot dogs, waffles, and more.

The season is over but she continues to be jolly :> xo


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