Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3D Ultrasound At 32 Weeks Vs. 3-Month Old Baby! [MOMLIFE]

At my 20-week ultrasound, I found out I had a low-lying placenta, which was within 2cm of the cervix and put me at risk of needing a c-section.

There was a 90% chance, though, that it would resolve on its own. I needed for it to be rechecked with a followup ultrasound at 32 weeks and, thankfully, I was in the clear. 

At that ultrasound checkup, I thought they were just going to check the placenta but they did a full measurement of the baby. The facility I had gone to was different than the one I went to at 20 weeks and one that I hadn't gone to before.

As I was lying down, watching the measurements being taken, suddenly the screen went blank. O great, I thought, they found something wrong. But then, in  an instant the baby's face, a 3-D rendition appeared. Woah! was my reaction because it caught me off guard and was not something I was expecting in the slightest. I never got one for Nui Nui and thought this was something people paid extra for, for thrills. I certainly never asked for it, only asking for tests to make sure the baby was healthy.

When I got the rendition, I kept it just between me, my mom, and a couple of close friends, like a secret gem, like the newly found treasure that she was.

Five months later, three months after she was born, the resemblance is uncanny and absolutely stunning. I'm in complete awe, I admit. Life, making life, and motherhood: what a trip. And how thankful I am to get to be on this dream journey. xo


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