Wednesday, February 27, 2013

17 Month Update! :>

In one of @carahamelie's latest vlogs, she showed us the baby book she's been working on for her daughter's first year(s). Looking at how good it turned out, makes me think I should have done the same. Sigh. Just didn't think of it then. It's funny. You could ask me every single day what the latest is with Nui Nui and every day I will have something. A book, a monthly video, and sporadic blog post won't cut it. Perhaps daily vlogging is the best medium... :> #comtemplating :> :>

I used to take care of and teach kids but nothing nearly compares to being a mom 24/7. It's hard, namely tiring, and though it may not seem like there's always rainbows and sunshine, there actually IS always rainbows and sunshine!

Watching Nui Nui learn and grow is definitely a highlight. And also being able to see her with Mom. It's a blessing Mom gets to be in Nui Nui's life like she is, so, that said, I'll take these videos together for what they're worth :>

Thanks for reading and watching! Enjoy!!

What do you do keep the good memories alive? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>

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