Monday, February 4, 2013

Bye Bye, Baby! Momma Going To Hot Yoga!

Lasik Update! My vision continues to get better and better, though it's still not there yet. Night driving is still a little rough with the halo effect; vision is not yet crystal clear and I wonder— what if one eye is better than the other?... I guess it must have to be significant for it to matter; my eyes don't need lubricating drops nearly as frequently, which is nice, and, in fact, I think wetting them sometimes makes them more dry, if that makes any sense... The flood of liquid almost dries them out after it's gone.

Today I woke up lightly feeling some of my abs from last night— went to my first hot yoga class in years and first time I did yoga since pregnant. It's not the exact same type I've done in the past (90-95degF) but hotter (100-105degF). Let me tell you, it kicked my A. The class was 1.5 hours and I barely made it passed one hour. Granted, though, it was an evening class and by evening I have most, if not all, the energy sucked out of me. But I was really looking forward to this class all week and really wanted to go. Ever since my Lasik procedure, for some reason, I've actually, finally felt weak. I was nauseous the first days after the procedure and think that's what might have gotten me.

Anywho, like I said, I woke up lightly feeling my abs which was nice. Huh, I have muscle (sort) of in my mid-section. Then, as the day progressed, my muscles started feeling it. There's been a lag in soreness but it's coming and here :> And I'm happy about it. It's probably good if I work on stretching it out but I doubt I will really try. I must be getting old, as I have not much desire to put myself in pain really anymore. I was bummed about disappointing the teacher and not lasting the full hour and a half but I'm looking forward to going again this weekend. It took me about a year to get decent at yoga and I believe I can do it again. I doubt, however, this time around I'd be able to do it so quickly— not necessarily because of the age-excuse but because of the time one.

It was weird, I have to admit, to go to a yoga class, leaving Nui Nui behind. Work is one thing, yoga is another. But is it? I need to work to live but need (in the long run) to work out to live (healthy) as well. Or, at least that's what I tell myself and why I gave permission to myself to go out without Nui Nui. Now that I write this, I think this is the first time I'm actually taking time to myself since Nui Nui was born. Huh, that's interesting... #revelation #guilt #goodsore

Another revelation of the day... I think Nui Nui probably knows more than 100 words. I'm not one of those word-count savants but, see, she has this book called First 100 Words and she knows almost all of them and I know she knows way beyond just those words. I find that fascinating... then again, everything about Nui Nui is :>

I've been in a video phase lately and here's the latest of the Parenting Topic Series. Let's just say, Parting is such sweet sorrow... and, I'm guilty again for doing something I never thought I'd do as a parent.

They say you have to do things for yourself. They call it self-care. What do you for YOURself? Comment below, we'd love to hear!

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  1. I totally agree with you, it is so hard to take your precious time with your babes to do something! Always feel guilty! I started running in the mornings, which means lil m has to be at daycare 1 more hour :( but you're right.. we need it for our mind and our health! xoxo


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