Monday, February 11, 2013

Target Haul! Healthy Foods, Baby Stuff, Accessories!

We are near weekly Target shoppers. Sometimes, even, we will go one day, then Mom will go the next day, and then later that evening, she will already begin her list of what she forgot and what she needs. Are we Targetoholics? :>

Sigh. No matter. Target really is a great place, offering so much junk you need that you didn't even know you needed it until you got there :> So, it's fun to share what we got every once in a while and highlight its goodies. Be prepared, now, because I filmed this two Sundays ago and filmed another this past Sunday— so be on the lookout for that as well (or be on your guard :>)

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

What did you get from Target recently? Comment below, I'll probably add it to my 'needs' list :>

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