Saturday, February 16, 2013

Carnivorous Delight! :>

Big fat tgif. It was a rough week. And I'm so glad it's over. My resolution of faking happy with things are rough didn't quite work this week, I'll have to try harder...

On the bright (and warm) side, today was a beautiful day outside, not that I had much fresh air time when the sun was out. Us warriors decided to do dinner out and be adventurous and not just settle for any same old, though I really couldn't care less today— my appetite really just was not there today.

So we went to our usual local town and skip the cheap-o restaurant and go for something a little more upscale— tapas and spanish food. Outside the restaurant, we had our eye on the paella and lamb... Inside, we decided on the 'lamb chops' and tapas special beef short ribs. The beef short ribs tasted like so and were fine. The lamb chops ended up being rack of lamb and were amazing. It's been a while, I have to say, since I've eaten out and was amazed. So good! They sat atop a quinoa pilaf (or medley?), which I'm not usually a fan of despite its benefits, but they made it delicious. drool. So good. We will definitely be going back :>

The only cons were: the hostess seemed annoyed of Nui Nui, as if she/we didn't belong; it was kind of noisy with the hardwood floors and high ceiling; and lastly, Nui Nui kept trying to get out of her high chair (and successfully did... even when I strapped her in!). This would have been a perfect place for a date. Sigh. O well. I think the closest that'll happen for me was the couple sitting next to me. :< :>

Nui Nui didn't eat much. She did, however, enjoy chewing on a lamb bone. 'Carnivorous', I thought. So funny. How she exhibits puppy [or lion? :>] sometimes... :> Rarrrr!

What Fryday night grub did you feast on? Comment below, we'd love to drool! :>

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