Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blueberry Pancakes And Puh-Park! - Presidents' Day Weekend Day 1!

Our first three-day weekend of 2013 is finally here! Thanks, prezos!

To kick off our adventure, we headed out for breakfast with the boyfriends (and momma girlfriends), friend's house, then park— totally a 'mommy & me & friends' day, and a perfect day at that. The weather was blue skies and super warm. I didn't even have to wear a jacket. Nui Nui only had to at the park. I want to say we were the stroller mom derby but our babes have grown and none of us needed the stroller no more (at least not for these short outings with the shorties). #sofun!

What did you do on this gorgeous, hopefully day one of the 3-day weekend? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>


  1. The park was so much fun!! And with the weather warming up we can go more often!! :) yay thanks for taking such great pics!!!

  2. Thanks for taking us to a new park! More dates to come :> #thewonderyears


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