Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Lego Lady :>

I can't remember if I posted pics from our visits to the Lego store but we are regulars and I have plenty (though I'm terribly behind).

Nui Nui loves going to the Lego store. The mall we frequent is actually set up perfectly. We take her to Barnes to read books, play with trains, discover educational toys, and interact with other kids; then we head off to the Lego store where she builds, takes apart, collects, and even cleans! :>; then, when she's through with that, she runs off (literally) to the opposite store, happily shouting its logo (Apple) and heads to the back of the store where she knows there's a little table for the kids to explore the iPad. After that, we might run around a little more and take some rides up and down the escalator, and that is our relaxing Saturday. We would have taken Nui Nui to the park but it was too cold today. Despite being yelled at, at home, it was a good day with the warriors.

How's your weekend going so far? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>

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