Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Learning With Eyes Closed :>

Putting Nui Nui to bed is sometimes really fun/ny and it's sometimes the time I realize how much (and how fast) she's learning.

Tonight, as she was settling into her crib— it sometimes takes a little while for her to toss and turn and find the right spot— she started to babble. She sometimes says 'hi' or 'bye' or even 'Elmo'. Funny. Tonight it was 'A-B-C-D-E'! With a major emphasis on the 'E', like she's reaching far for it and getting it :> She's already got A-B-C down and 1-2-3, but D and E?? She wasn't even saying it when she was awake! ...though I wouldn't be surprised if I missed it.

Then, also out of nowhere, she started alternating/saying 'mine' and 'ours'. Yay! She's learning!! I almost can't believe it. I mean, I do, because I say it all the time and know she knows how to say it, but certainly never did I expect her to repeat it independently, out of context like this.

Earlier tonight she also said 'all done'— normally it's just 'finished'. Mom said she reminded them to get the 'keys' before they went out in the afternoon, too. Mom told her to learn to say 'iPhone' as Grandpa forgot it after grabbing the keys. :> Mom also relayed that the second they told Nui Nui they were going out, she immediately grabbed three pairs of shoes and brought it to them :> Tonight when we asked her if she wanted ice cream, she looked at me with concern (she was in her high chair), insisted on getting down, and then ran to the freezer. I'm glad we don't have a junk food drawer that she can reach :>

Tonight, Nui Nui continued to practice climbing the couch and I have to admit she's getting stronger and stronger. To see her tiny little feet grip the couch and her upper body grab on with all her might is a really cute sight to see. I am also continually impressed with her ability and actual doing of helping to put things away. Wiping away the tears of proud :> :>

My o my... #sobigsofast

Here she is from this weekend (Sunday)... utter joy and accomplishment... on both our ends :> :>

What are the latest developments in your life? Comment below, we'd love to hear!

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