Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Christina And The Best Grand/Ma Ever!

Today was not a day I had expected...

Last night, when I got home from yoga, Mom told me upon entering that Nui Nui was sick with a fever. Nui Nui's cheeks were rosy, she was warm/hot, and sitting on the couch with Pau Pau and Grandpa.

I quickly took a shower, took her temperature, and called a nurse. I took her temperature with a digital adult thermometer via her mouth. After a while, it read 102degF. I couldn't believe this day had come— I was waiting for it but, really, was in denial that this would happen to Nui Nui. I mean, you hear about it but...

Anywho, bam. It happened. It's happening. I guess better now than worse later? I suspected it might be croup or just a phlegmy bad cough/cold/fever. She woke up that morning with trouble breathing from the dryish phlegm, which worried me, but lucky with some water and a pillow to incline her, she was ok.

I asked Nui Nui what she wanted to do and she said, 'wee'. She wanted to go to the park— Wheeeeeee! I always say when we go :> Down the slide on the swing swings... :> So I took her and she swung, and ran, and climbed and went down the slide over and over, but by the short while we were there she was exhausted. I should have realized and only looking back now, do I. For the rest of the day though, she seemed like she was ok...

So I put Nui Nui to bed last night, cutting down on our usual routine— skipped brushing teeth (gasp!... there are worse things...) and even washing her feet, which I paid for later. Nui Nui couldn't sleep through the night. At midnight, I brought her to my bed and she woke up every hour. I woke up in the morning, exhausted as brown eyes can turn dark below, and got ready for work but as I was about to step out, I heard her cry. Mom said I could go but I wanted to check on her— she was sleeping in my bed. I went in to check on her and she was hot. Really hot. I couldn't go to work and didn't. Nui Nui comes first.

We spent a low-key day together. Nui Nui has little energy but is a fighter/trooper and tried to laugh as much as she can :> Nui Nui being sick, I see/realize how much she knows me. It's a running joke how I worry she won't know who I am after being away for her for so long when I'm at work. She was very 'deh', translation: attached?.

We brought her to the doctor in the afternoon and the same old info was confirmed. Could be this, could be that, there's not really much we can do aside from the usual...
  • humidifier
  • steamy bathroom
  • saline spray, suction-bulb
  • a little bit of honey
  • a little bit of children's tylenol or ibuprofen
  • emphasis on fluids

  • They did confirm, though, that she did indeed have a 102degF temperature. I could no longer escape my disbelief (or denial).

    Sigh. Alas. I think she'll be alright but I've never seen Nui Nui this low-energy and bummed. Really makes me the same.

    After the doc's office, I insisted we go across the street at Mom's suggestion and get an apple pie from Whole Foods. I got Haagen Daaz vanilla to make it a la mode.

    As mentioned, this wasn't how I expected to celebrate Mom's birthday but Nui Nui's quietly asleep, at least for now and Mom got lots of hugs and kisses so I guess it wasn't a total bomb.

    I had to make this card from a pic of Nui Nui yesterday. Today was not a picture perfect day. And, Nui Nui was rocking these unforgettable bloomers... Gaga-style? :> :>

    How was your day? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>

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    1. Oh no :( Poor M, please give her hugs and kisses from M and I!! Hope she is feeling better today!! xoxo


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