Monday, September 28, 2015

Made It! - Baby Sister Arrives! [MOMLIFE]

The hospital in which I delivered promotes skin-to-skin contact immediately after baby is born, meaning she comes right on top of me for one hour before any measurements, tests, shots, or cleaning is done.

After the initial bonding hour was over, they cleaned her up and measured her.

Her weight was solid, dispelling any judgment I had not gained enough or too little weight.
My autumn baby, born on this year's Chinese moon/mid-autumn festival. The nurse made her, her hat.
Friends were eager to meet her.
Nui Nui was overwhelmed and shy on this big day she's been anticipating for months but I know she's happy and eager to be a big sister. My girls!
Colostrum in! Breastfeeding step-one success:>
My newest darling. I've fallen in love all over again. Meet Estéanna :>
Life is grand and I'm the happiest mama, living the dream. xo

Thanks to all for the support and well wishes! xoxo

(These limited number of photos were taken and are being posted via my phone. More, better quality ones will be up once I get back to a computer. Stay tuned! xo)

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