Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nui Nui's School Birthday Celebration Outfit! [KIDS STYLE]

I know I've been blogging all over the place in no coherent order lately. And I've said to myself in the past that I should not apologize for certain (mundane) things if it's really harmless but wanted to acknowledge, Dear Reader, that I realize my lack of order in my posts lately. My number one goal, above all else, is to put out (good) content. The coherency of the order of my posts will follow eventually, promise.

That said, below are some pics of when Nui Nui came home from school on the day we celebrated her birthday at school, which was just five days ago.

I love this dress! I got it from Kohl's probably a couple of years ago. Still fits, barely though :> Surprisingly, in the morning, she was the one who picked this out, much to my very delight.

On that day, I wrapped all her birthday presents we got her— video on those items has been uploaded and will be posted very soon!— and decided to put them out for her. Not as a teaser but just as we do for xmas. She was very excited to see them and and eager to open them, so I told her she could open just one and that the rest would have to wait for her actual birthday. Maybe it was a little too cruel to tempt her like that, I realized.

I chose which one she could open, choosing her #1 most-wanted gift. Her response? 'I knew it!' So funny. I'll post the video footage in the next post. In the meanwhile, enjoy this pretty girl

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