Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kids Clothing Haul! - Baby's First Outfit [VIDEO]

When I brought Nui Nui home from the hospital, I can't remember if I packed her a 'going-home' outfit. I probably did but didn't end up using it. A first time mom, I brought her home in her hospital shirt and cap, no pants. I swaddled her throughout her first few days of life, pantsless. It was a warm day. I probably covered her with a blanket. I thought she was fine.

I remember, though, the nurse commenting— 'you don't have an outfit?' Must've stung a little, since I remember it to this day.

Recently, I've been seeing a number of friends on Facebook posting pics of their newest family members and noticed these outfits. Apparently, it's a thing? So, the pressure was slightly on. So ridiculous, I know.

I asked a couple of friends if they had these 'going-home' outfits. One said yes. The other said probably but she couldn't remember what it was exactly. Honestly, I'd have brought my kid home swaddled if it weren't for the driving/carseat/safety issue.

So, I said to myself, with just a little over a week before my due date, that I'd try to look for an outfit but won't kill myself over it. I did go to a number of places but all were local and not out of the way.

This weekend, on a mother-daughter/(big sister-to-be) outing, I did end up finding something...

I think the most important thing is, is that I ended up having a great day with my firstborn on this outfit hunt. I think the other important thing to realize is, as my friend reminded me, that I just need to do me, no one else. Love hard, be me. The rest will fall into place.

That said, H&M has a really good, affordable kids selection of clothing, if you're on the market. Just saying :> xo


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