Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015! [MOMLIFE]

I'm the worst blogger, I know, but a trip to the pumpkin patch happens only once a year and, as I mentioned before, I love the colors, the seasonal goodness, and most of all, the heightened happiness and laughter.

Despite the dropping temps, we're entering a very special time of year. Ok, I admit, all year can and is special but the HOLIDAYS! BIRTHDAYS! CELEBRATION! DECORATIONS! Good cheer! :>

Beware, this post is long and inundated with photos. I narrowed the number of photos I took, I swear, but just couldn't narrow it down further. I just couldn't. How could I limit the joy and just stow it away, hidden on some drive?

Happy Fall, Dear Readers! May the smiles bring you more warmth and sweetness than a pumpkin spice latte :> xo

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