Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nui Nui's 4th Birthday Party At School! [MOMLIFE]

A couple of weeks early, not knowing when her sibling will arrive, we celebrated Nui Nui's 4th birthday at school today.

Again, she was Just.So.Excited.

She was excited to show her teachers her freshly painted colorful nails.

She was excited I got to be there during circle time, where they sang her two songs, she got to put 4 candles in this play wooden birthday cake, and she got to tap her friends on the head as a leader to go and have snack. During the songs, she was almost even nervous. She was looking at me the whole time but enjoyed every minute, I could tell :>

She was even more excited to distribute the party favors out to her friends. Because, you know, Sharing Is Caring. And then happy as ever to enjoy eating goldfish for snack (vs. watermelon, which they've been serving a lot recently and which she has relayed to me multiple times that she does NOT like).

It was a great day, according to Nui Nui, and hopefully some video footage will be up soon.

Now that I pack her lunch for school, I write her love notes for her lunchbox on the daily. This is what I wrote her today. Before the age of 4, she can read this whole note. Mom was impressed she could read the word 'celebration'.

Proud of this kid and love her with all my heart. xo


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  2. Oh my goodness! How sweet she is looking on her 4th birthday. I am sure she had wonderful time with her new friends. My daughter’s 5th birthday is about to come and this year I am planning to host a grand party at some popular kid’s venues NYC.


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