Sunday, September 6, 2015

Passing The Premie Mark At 37 Weeks! [MATERNITY]

37 weeks! In the pregnancy timeline that means I've passed the premie mark. Another milestone, another sigh of relief.

Pregnancy is an interesting time. I don't know any other time where you are counting the days and weeks like a mad woman (other than perhaps the time after the child is born and you're waiting for the 1-week and 1-month mark, and then are counting your baby's age in months until they are two :>).

We're in the middle of Labor Day weekend and I'm hoping we'll surpass the long weekend without having to go into labor myself. Baby was moving a lot today and my belly was continually morphing into all sorts of shapes :> It's a trip.

I took Nui Nui out for a walk at the mall today. Well, actually, her grandpa met up with us and took her around while me and mom shopped ourselves. (Not sure if shopped is the right verb. Browsed, perhaps. The sales were pretty disappointing, though mom did find a pair of sneakers she's been wanting for a while now.) Despite how tired I am, I figure I should do as much with Nui Nui as I can before the baby arrives. She had a great time.

I'm hoping tomorrow I can take her swimming. Definitely when I was pregnant with her, my swimming days were over by now but, defying Labor Day's transition into fall, we're having a second wave of summer with weather in the 90s, so I want to take advantage of it. Nui Nui's been wanting to go swimming for a while now, too. And honestly, after a few cold days, I'm glad for the heat's return (my feet, maybe not so much).

This is the bump after an afternoon walk, a much-needed nap, and only 3 weeks left to grow. xo

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