Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nui Nui's First Official Birthday Party! - 4yo [VIDEO+]

Party, playdate, you know what I mean :>

Honestly, now that the birthday celebration with her friends has happened, I think I'm a little more confident with calling this gathering a 'party', namely because of the unexpected number of people that showed up. It was a great turnout. Originally, I was expecting 6 kids but 11 actually came— iffy RSVPs. Plus, many of the kids came with both parents. Our place was packed during cake time! It was so great :>

After I ordered the cake, I was worried I had ordered one that was too big. Nui Nui and I wanted a round cake vs. a rectangular one. So, for $5 more, I went with the bigger one and the shape we wanted. I went all out :> And glad I did. The size was perfect. We have just a little bit of leftover and who doesn't like a little bit of leftover cake? :>

The weather ended up being perfect. The heat finally broke and it was actually pretty cool. Moreover, it was cloudy, so we didn't have to worry about baking in the sun.

The one regret I have is the amount of footage and pictures I ended up with. I always get distracted playing host and my role as photographer automatically plummets. Nonetheless, it was a really (really) good time and one for memory lane :> xo

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