Thursday, September 24, 2015

What's In My Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag! [VIDEO]

Finally put my labor & delivery hospital bag in the car today! The countdown seriously begins! Less than three days left. And, as I write this, I was able to celebrate Nui Nui's 4th birthday as an only child :> (post on that up hopefully soon!)

Birthday month is coming slowly to an end, though not really. For her, maybe, but it continues when she becomes a big sister.

My memory is seriously fading this week. There are so many things I've been forgetting— including my camera in the car tonight for Nui Nui's birthday dinner.

Some things I forgot to mention in the video— phone charger, camera charger, camera!, and maybe iPad. Aside from the latter, they're the things I use on a daily basis so it's hard for me to pack them. I also packed a pair of newborn socks and a receiving blanket, which now reminds me, I should pack a couple of small towels in case I need them for the carseat. You see? So many little things.

Will I ever be 100% fully prepared? Probably not but that's what motherhood is all about. Love hard and the rest will fall into place :> More soon! xo

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