Monday, September 7, 2015

Celebrating Labor Day Without Going Into Labor! [MOMLIFE]

Felt pretty ambitious yesterday after debating whether I should take Nui Nui swimming today and then finally deciding yes, and actually asking her. She said yes. And couldn't be more excited about it— we haven't been to the pool in a while. Felt even more ambitious after a night of minimal sleep and constant waking/getting up, and actually following through.

Nui Nui was 'just SO excited'. Those three words put together make up one of her favorite phrases to say.

She came in this morning at an ungodly late hour, as I tried to catch up on sleep, reprimanding me that I get up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and take her swimming. Girl's got pizzaz. Some might call it bossy but I have to admit I like her GSD attitude. [GSD: Get Shit Done].

It'll be hot all week in the 90s, so I'm debating whether I should try to take advantage and bring her to the pool again. Having not yet decided, I took some more photos of us getting ready, as we took the same just 10 weeks prior at 27 weeks. My how much we've both grown. xo

Taken at 27 weeks:

Taken at 37 weeks:

Happy Labor Day! So glad I avoided labor on this holiday :> xo

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