Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Carrot-Shaped Party Favors Using Goldfish Crackers! [HOW TO/DIY]

If you're looking for a fun party favor, this is a fun one, though admittedly time-consuming.

Oops, I forgot to take a photo of the carrot stem! Fold the streamer four times about 1.5" wide, and it snip off the roll. Cut strips in the streamer without cutting all the way through. Wrap the still-folded, slitted streamer around the stem and tape.

If you try this, tweet or Instagram me (@mdesenna) your final product! Would love to see it! xo

. . .

Birthday month continues and since my due date is so close to Nui Nui's birthday, we've been prepping in advance and strategically planning to celebrate early.

First up: School.

Nui Nui's school has a pretty strict policy about birthday celebrations. They only really allow 'healthy' foods for celebration. Alternatively, you could bring in small favors like stickers or pencils, or come in and read the class a book. I didn't find out about these alternative options until tonight so didn't have the opportunity to consider them.

Now, I'm a nutritionist. Well, at least by education I am. And, as I always say, I'm a believer of everything in moderation, which includes cake (or sweets) for celebrations. So I asked what they meant or consider 'healthy' for snacks. They listed fruit, yogurt, crackers, cheese, and goldfish. So I went with the goldfish.

Last year for Valentine's Day, I made some favors using goldfish. I knew I could do the same thing or try something else. I searched on Pinterest for ideas and pursued what you see below. I debated whether the idea was 'appropriate' for the occasion, since it does make more sense for it to be used as an Easter party favor but thought the idea was cute and fun, and kind of represented 'healthy', right? :>

I came up with a pun-y message, more for my kicks than for anyone else, and that was that. Nui Nui loves the favors and is just SO EXCITED to share these with her new friends tomorrow.

She also did the cutest thing tonight. The cone-shaped bags came with 'Thank You' stickers, which I didn't use, so Nui Nui took them for herself. As I mentioned in a recent video, she's very into stickers. Then, she came up to me with a bag in which she stashed these stickers and told me she wanted to give me something. She whipped out one of these Thank You sticker sheets and told me she wanted to give me one for making these party favors. She gave another sheet to her grandma for taking care of her earlier, as I attended a back-to-school night.

My baby's growing up and she's making me very proud to see what kind of woman she's becoming. xo

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