Sunday, July 13, 2014

First House Guest + Homemade Pancakes!

It's odd to think but we had our very first house guest this morning since moving many eons (months) ago.

I made homemade pancakes for the occasion and they turned out decent, according to all. Auntie P was surprised I knew how to cook and do dishes. smh... :> And, no, no boxed mix or water added, this was from scratch and made with love :> lmfao.

Now that we are a little more settled, it was a good time having Auntie P in our home, which really feels like it (home).

(Cooking video with Nui Nui will be up hopefully soon! Be on the lookout for that :>) xoxo

What do you serve when you entertain in the morning/brunch-time hours? Would love to hear because I want to do this again! Share in the Comments! :> xoxo

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