Friday, July 25, 2014

Swinging From The High Bar! :>

We explored a new park last weekend. It had a skate park, a pool, and even a wall to climb. I was watching this one girl, maybe 8 or 9? climb that wall. She couldn't get past midway but that didn't stop her from trying again. She was better the second time around getting up and hanging out on top but then got stuck mid-way coming down. I was watching her (in awe) the whole time and then she started to call for help.

Her mom finally came from the other side of the park, slowly walking (chalantly, in my eyes), in no rush. She directed her daughter from a distance and the girl got down safely. I admire both of these women— for both their physical and guiding strength.

Most of the kiddie areas weren't that exceptional but it did have a 'high' bar, which the park closest to us does not. Honestly, I almost missed it. Thankfully, I didn't and tried teaching Nui Nui to pull up and hold her own weight. I'm always amazed at the upper body strength kids have on playgrounds. I don't remember playing that much on playgrounds when I was a kid and I definitely didn't have upper body strength (still don't). Hoping to make that experience different for my kid.

If you're a parent, what's one (or more) thing you hope your child can achieve but you yourself didn't or lacked? Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

We followed the high bar with a game of tag. Again, not much of a runner myself...

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