Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mom's Summertime Breakfast!

This is one of Mom's go-to summer breakfasts. She likes this because it's cool and refreshing, and she easily gets her dose of calcium (she's been drinking a lot more milk lately because she dislikes the size of calcium pills; cutting them doesn't work either because it scratches her throat).

The recipe:
  • 1 crudely mashed ripe banana (this is how Mom gets rid of 'rotten' bananas— she call bananas without any green: rotten) (about 1/2-1 whole)
  • Add a little bit of almonds and dried cranberries (about 2 tablespoons each)
  • Add some plain Cherrios and then some Great Grains (the Crunchy Pecan 'flavor') (about 1/2 cup each)
  • Pour some calcium-added non-fat milk over (about 1 cup)
And voila! There you have it: Mom's Summertime Breakfast

What do you like to eat for breakfast in the summer? Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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