Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fryday Night Brewery! Bacon Cheeseburger + Legendary Garlic Fries + Jambalaya Pasta!

Finally covered some new territory last Friday night. It was a pretty warm evening, (we bumped into my future husband :>), and we ended up in a brewery drinking... milk and water :> I love breweries though. Mom ordered a jambalaya pasta (don't ask) and I had a 1/2-pound bacon cheese burger with some legendary garlic fries. First time, perhaps, I've ever had garlic fries and they were bomb. I'll be definitely going back for more.

I heart Fridays— probably my most favorite day of the week. Yes, I still have to wake up early, which I am not a fan but by day's end, you've got the whole weekend ahead of you. O, the potential of sleeping late for the next two days (not a guarantee with a two-year-old but there's potential!) and definitely 24-hour adventure together.

What's your favorite day of the week? And why? Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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