Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NYC's Cafe Habana-Inspired Corn On The Cob + Garlic Roasted Chicken + Broccoli!

This meal was inspired by Cafe Habana in NYC's Nolita. Their corn on the cob is amaze-balls.

We struggle a little thinking about what to have for dinner. The festival we went to this weekend had at least one food vendor selling corn on the cob. It's nice and warm here but I sometimes forget it's summer— I mean, it's not that hot here. So I decided we should finally do corn on the cob Cafe-Habana-style.

Our corn wasn't as nicely charred as Cafe Habana's nor did we use cotija cheese and cayenne pepper (wtf, right? :>) but we made do with what we had and it ended up actually being very delicious nonetheless. We roasted the corn in the oven, along with our garlic chicken (killing two birds with one stone— we're efficient like that :>), spread a generous amount of butter on the corn, sprinkled some parmesan, and squeezed some lime juice on top. The taste and flavors were an amazing combination and I wondered why I haven't always been eating corn on the cob like this. (Corn and lime are a healthy nutritional combo, btw, look it up and find out why, then share why in the Comments :>)

This was Nui Nui's first time eating one of her most favorite food as it naturally grows. Nui Nui had hers plain with butter and buttered it herself. I was curious to see how she'd fare— would she like it just the same? How successful would she get the corn off the cob? I had explained to her the how-to on our way home from school and she picked it up like a pro... with one caveat: She didn't use her hands. Instead, she just ate it off the plate :> Maybe next time we'll try cooking smaller, more manageable-sized pieces for her :>

If you try this 'recipe', let us know in the Comments below! We'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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