Thursday, July 31, 2014

Outfit Of The Day! Do You Like My Dress??

I asked Nui Nui what she wanted to wear the other night and she said she wanted to wear a dress— a rare request. She had school the next day so when she pointed to one, I declined because I didn't want her to get it school-filthy— you know, the kind of sit-in-the-sandbox-all-day, green-paint-from-art-time, pasta-sauce-from-lunch filthy. So she chose another and this was it. First time she's worn this dress actually— an unforgiving (non-stretchable) dress with collar and real buttons— a dress even I am too lazy to put on her. But the surprising thing is, is she liked it. Unsurprisingly, she was really excited to show her teachers and friends :>

The thing about kids is that when they are ok with something in their head, life is easy. But when they're not ok with something (or if they're tired), they just don't do it and/or you've got yourself a lovely tantrum. I guess the same applies to adults, huh? :>

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