Sunday, July 13, 2014

Scooter-ing Through A Wine And Arts Festival + The Land Before Time!

Following our breakfast with our first house guest, we scooted (literally :>) off to a nearby wine and arts festival. The weather was beautiful and it was the perfect opportunity for Nui Nui to ride her scooter.

Of course, we picked up a bag of kettle corn :> And, surprisingly, we won some prizes: one $5 gift card to Whole Foods and 4 nice reuseable grocery bags a la Whole Foods and Safeway.

Our day proceeded with lunch at our recent go-to cafe, dining al fresco, and then chillaxin' at home watching The Land Before Time. Talking about the movie after, while brushing teeth to get ready for bed, Nui Nui mentioned the ground breaking. I explained why Little Foot was sad, which she pointed out during the movie when he was full of tears crying— because he lost his mother. Her response? 'That's a bummer.' LMFAO. #likemotherlikedaughter.

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