Friday, July 4, 2014

Jersey Mike's Philly Cheesesteak

One major complaint about where we live now is the food. It just does NOT compare to home. For one? Philly cheesesteaks. I was horrified by a cheesesteak I had here once. It came on this bread called 'dutch crunch' which is a really dense bread topped with a crackily rice topping. The steak was chewy, not tender, and I think mayonnaise was involved.

Randomly, I was hankering for a cheesesteak yesterday and googled them in our new neighborhood. The place we found is called Jersey Mike's. 'Jersey', I thought, yeah right. Laughable. But it turned out the place is a chain and actually has locations near my hometown. Ok, I thought. Maybe this is legit. The photos on Yelp resembled what I was looking for, so we gave it a try.

Review: It was expensive but that might be just a matter of fact of where I live. The meat was more tender than the previous cheesesteak I had but not as much as the one back home. Bread— meh. Mushrooms— what mushrooms? My only major complaint were the peppers, to me, a major player in my cheesesteak world. The peppers were pickled. Pickled. In a cheesesteak. Cheesesteaks are supposed to be warm, creamy, and flavorful. Pickled is not a description nor an ingredient I would think should come anywhere near a cheesesteak, imho. Other than that, though, it was ok. Would I get it again? Yeah, probably, for the convenience and desire for something at least sort of close to what I really want. Would I recommend? Meh, I'm on the fence and would share the above explaining why.

Have you tried Jersey Mike's? What did you think? And are cheesesteaks really only good in Philly and its surrounding areas? Let us know in the Comments, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

Nui Nui was actually more interested in the bags the cheesesteaks came in than the actual sandwiches themselves...

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