Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Good Friend Is A Good Cure To Illness [MOMLIFE]

Nui Nui has been sick for days and it's been both draining and hard to witness. She's a pretty healthy kid, so her immune system is fighting a tough battle, I think, since its been at rest for so long.

She hasn't been eating, to the point that she's lost weight and often feels cold, and riding the couch on end. So, today, a visit from a friend was good medicine for her soul. I think she's on the mend but this really helped her spirits. She was so happy and alive, which Mom and I have been seriously missing these past several days. It's been hard on us, too, because we miss hugging and kissing her, which we've strictly restricted in efforts to help prevent the baby from getting sick.

Hopefully it'll just continue to go uphill from here. And you can be sure you'll be getting more smiles and cheek-to-cheeks as soon as she's well again. xo

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