Thursday, December 24, 2015

Baby Sister Learns Who Is Big Sister

When I gave birth to Nui Nui (my first-born), I remember the lactation consultant at the hospital teaching me to take my baby's hand and rub (or tap) it along my chest and face, as a means to teach baby about mama via touch. 

I do this now with my second baby, who, at two months, knows how to hit my chest to get my attention.

This said, I taught Nui Nui to do this when she held baby E yesterday.

I'm convinced baby E knows her big sister already, by voice from the womb, but continue to try to strengthen the bond. It's not hard. Nui Nui loves baby E, and vice versa.

Baby E follows Nui Nui's voice, is always now curious to look around her to see what's going on (making me hold her facing out vs. in), and listens to my and Nui Nui's conversation as she patiently waits for us in the bathroom as we brush teeth, as I help Nui Nui put on her lotion etc., post-shower, or as I put Nui Nui to bed.

Baby E is getting stronger and stronger by the day-- better able to sit and stand up, as well as turn her head side to side to see what else is around or going on aside from what's in front of her. Mornings continue to be happy times together and my belly a comfy pillow to sit on :> xo

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