Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Tree At School [MOMLIFE]

So, they have a xmas tree at Nui Nui's school outside their classroom. At first, the tree was plain but over time, more and more hand-crafted decorations have been appearing.

I picked Nui Nui up early at school yesterday, as she was 'sick' the previous days before. (I put 'sick' in quotes because I don't think she was actually sick from germs but from food poisoning-- another story for another post).

Because I got there earlier than usual, I got to see all of them on the carpet for some circle-time activity, then get up to get ready to go outside.

I snuck my phone in the window to catch her and her friends waiting in line at the door. I'm always curious to see how she is at school, in an environment in which she is independent. When she saw my phone, she jumped, fake-scared, laughed, then jumped out the door to give me a dirty look while I laughed and made her smirk.

Good times. Such personality for such a little person :> xo

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