Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Toddler Girl Funny Face [MOMLIFE]

One of the funnest parts of raising kids is that you hang out so much together you develop the same sense of humor.

Nui Nui is the funniest kid I know (obviously :>) because of that. I get so surprised every.single.time she does something and I realize she's doing or saying something like me. I get even more taken aback when she does something and it's all her own, and she knows it's funny and knows I will think so too.

Tonight, as we were in the bathroom to brush teeth, she asked me to hum a song while I blew my lips together. She learned the skill just recently from I don't know where and we both think it's funny. Because it is.

As I was hum-blowing Jingle Bells, she made this face. I couldn't continue humming because she kept her face straight and held it as I was cracking up.

Then, she stepped down from her stool and ran to get my phone. She said we should take a picture, like a true daughter of mine would. And that's the story of how we got to this shoot and these funny faces.

So funny. It's good times with this kid. Good times :> xo

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