Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Eye Liner In Blackest Black - First Impression [BEAUTY]

Finally opened one of my makeup goodies from Cyber Week, or post-thanksgiving deals, at Target. All beauty, including skincare and personal care items were 25% off, so I went all out. And, yes, for me, this is all out :> 

[Rimmel's Stay Matte powder and a Revlon liquid eyeliner is actually missing from the stash but I got those too. Had to exchange them for different colors. They're around here somewhere.]

New to the makeup world, and not one to spend much nor one to waste (that is, I'll use a product up completely before trying out a new one), I'm still trying to figure out what works for me among the plethora of products out there. 

Eyeliner has been the biggest challenge yet and most recently. I finally just finished a bottle of liquid of Sonia Kashuk, which I picked up on clearance a while ago. Good riddance! It smeared and bled like crazy. 

I like liquid eyeliner because it's super black but decided to try gel eyeliner once again because Jaclyn Hill, one of my favorite youtubers, does nothing but rave about it (and she's mostly a high-end beauty gal too). I've tried Maybelline's gel liner in eggplant (purple) before but think I picked up one that was sitting on the shelf for too long because when I got it, it was already stiff and starting to dry out.

Today, when I tried the one in Blackest Black, it went on creamy and smooth, just as I imagined it should. It'll take several more uses before I can have a better opinion about it but so far so good. 

What I like in my first application is that, unlike liquid, it didn't messily get all over my eyelashes. I applied it using the brush that came with it but think I might need to find a brush with tighter bristles, as I like my wing to be super sharp. 

I think I'll try Elf's Small Angled Brush and see how that applies. If you have any suggestions for black eyeliner, please leave them in the Comments below, would love to hear! 

O, I'm also reorganizing my closet. Perhaps a post on that will be up soon. xo

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