Monday, December 21, 2015

Still Living At Home [LIFE, KIDSTYLE]

It's been a tough year-- epic morning sickness, discrimination, layoff, to name a few. That said, however, there are many things to be thankful for this year.

Among my top highlights of the year:

Without a doubt, at the very top was bringing our newest addition of the family, my second daughter, home. Healthy and happy, she integrated beautifully into our family. We all love her and she's made our home an even happier place full of even more love and laughter.

The other top highlight: a visit from Home. We haven't been back home since we left, nearly four years ago. Four years. Man, just saying that sounds like ages. And it is. So many things have happened since. Yet where we are still doesn't feel like Home either.

When our family friend (since childhood), or 'framily', dropped in for an unexpected visit, it brought back so many memories and warm feelings. It was like the first time it felt like I was at home once again. Sounds weird, I'm sure. It's hard to explain but it made my year to see our dear family friend and for her to meet baby E. Now remembering back, she came to the hospital and met Nui Nui on the day of her arrival, too.

Then, again unexpectedly, we recently received an overly generous holiday care package from her, and baby E is now rocking the onesie that was included.

'Still living at home', it says. And always in my heart they will be, I'll add :>

There's nothing like those people in your life that, no matter how long you haven't seen them and no matter how far away they live, that when you do meet up once again, it feels like just yesterday. Folks like these: priceless.

Love you and thank you, Auntie May! We heart you always! xo

Onesie: Carters
Pants: Target - Circo

Back in October, just two months ago, when baby E was not even yet one month.

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