Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mastering The Car Seat And Growing Up [MOMLIFE]

Baby E is growing up by the day and even hour. 

She's still working on getting used to the car seat but the thing is, the cause of her crying, sometimes screaming, in it has nothing to do with the thing itself, per se. 

Causes of her discomfort, instead, might be her hunger, need to be burped, or feeling hot, but more likely than not, it's her need to be held. Her need for human warmth, closeness, and security. Increasingly, that human preferably is me.

Today, she did exceptionally well to date, able to maintain her calmness for a car ride and even a whole sandwich. And I'm not a fast eater either.

Those cheeks. Those dimples for knuckles. Those meat on her tiny little fingers.

These are the days. Fast and furious are they fleeting, but forever will she remain my baby. xo

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