Monday, December 21, 2015

Baby's Cheetah-Velour Outfit Of The Day! [KID STYLE]

We're finally beginning to wear the steals we got from the Black Friday weekend sale. 

Target had an awesome clothing, shoes, and accessory sale with everything 40% off so we definitely took advantage of that, especially when it came to getting the baby some clothes. 

I'm surprised, though at the same time not surprised, with how few clothing pieces we had for Nui Nui. But I'm a different mom now than back then when I was a new mom. Back then, I found comfort in kimono tops and sleepers. Now, I'm interested in the baby wearing actual clothes during the day. (Not saying it happens all the time but the majority of it :>)

I love this outfit. The pants are velour and blue-- Nui Nui/big sister's favorite color. The top is animal-print, always a personal favorite, and free of any cheesy writing/design. While all for design, if it's cutesy, I'm over it. 

Details of the outfit, as always, are below. For more of we got on Black Friday, be sure to check out our haul video on our YouTube Channel, xo

Onesie: Target - Carters
Pants: Target - Circo

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