Saturday, December 19, 2015

Baby's First Toy! [MOMLIFE]

I spent the day with Mom a couple of days ago when Nui Nui was in school, as I accompanied her to her doctor's appointment. After, we had lunch and then took a walk through Walmart. 

As we walked past the baby section, Mom acted just like a grandma (I guess because she is :>)-- happy and excited, exclaiming she wanted to get baby E a little toy. 

Honestly, I felt a little clueless about it and it didn't really dawn on me to myself. I mean, I try every once in a while to play with Sophie The Giraffe (a teething toy) or Blue Elephant (an Eric Carle toy) but they're still just a tad too big for her, so, in the end, I just use my face and hands to entertain her :>

Anyway, Mom found this ring toy that's perfect for her tiny grip and similar to a toy that hangs from her bouncer. 

So far, she's still a little clueless about it-- she's more drawn to looking at people or he overhead light :> but is definitely able to play and grow with it. 

To now, I was just as clueless. This so-called ring toy is called a 'rattle' :> [specifics below].

Toy: Bright Starts Grab And Spin Rattle
Bouncer: Bright Starts 
Outfit: Carters

Have good toy recommendations for young infants? Share them in the Comments below, we'd love to hear about them! xo

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