Saturday, December 12, 2015

Our Gingerbread House 2015! [MOMLIFE]

Continuing now for a second year in a row, our gingerbread house decorating tradition. 

Nui Nui was so excited when I told her to put away her play doh and get the gingerbread house.

Like last year, we picked this up from Costco at under $10. What I like about Costco's kit is that the house is both big and pre-built. Getting a pre-built house is the best, in my opinion, because it then allows you to focus on the actual decorating and avoids possible (likely) frustrations of the house not holding up.

At age four, Nui Nui is great at seeing what needs to be done, how to stick the candy on, and choosing what design she wants. She did a little bit of the icing work, namely on the gingerbread men, and even took it upon herself to take a few of the photos below! Making mama proud :>

Our xmas decorations are near complete! A couple of more things to go, including a diy and putting the star on the tree.

If you haven't done a gingerbread house this year yet, I definitely recommend doing it with the kids (or with your friends too :>). It's a real fun one full of sweet memories. xo

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